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The inspiration and guidance for TriYoga comes from Yogini Kaliji’s direct ongoing experience of kriyavati siddhi, kundalini energy manifesting as hatha yoga. The inherent characteristics of this expression, such as smooth rhythmical breath, spinal waves, relaxation-in-action, and economy of movement, result in a seamless flow ~ the unification of pranayama and mudra with dynamic and sustained asana to create greater flow of prana. TriYoga sequences have been systematized from Basics to Level 7 into a comprehensive method. Ultimately, TriYoga is merging with the inner flow, universal energy.

Prana Vidya The knowledge of life-energy, TriYoga Prana Vidya includes the trinity of breathing sequences, concentration techniques and meditation. Presented systematically, these practices develop better health, mental clarity and inner peace. Mudra 1008 Hasta mudras to assist in health, concentration and meditation. From ancient times, there have been references to mudra both in literary and visionary form. Nearly lost, the art and science of mudra has only recently re-emerged. One can dive deeply into mudra vidya with over 1000 Devi Mudras that have come forth, expressed through Kaliji, from the flow of kundalini energy. From simple to complex, flowing one into the next or sustained, hasta mudras facilitate healing and meditation. These mystical hand gestures directly influence the flow of prana for health, mental focus, and deeper spiritual awareness.

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